Earlier Relapse Detection. Better Prognosis.

Truly personalized monitoring for Multiple Myeloma patients

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A Targeted Approach

A truly personalized, precise monitoring test for Multiple Myeloma patients that is non-invasive and highly sensitive. It is sensitive enough to detect Multiple Myeloma relapse 6 to 8 months earlier than traditional tests. Applied on peripheral blood, the test can be readily performed as frequently as needed providing each patient with better routine monitoring than available conventional testing.

  • Highly Sensitive – Based on data collected during a recent retrospective clinical trial, EasyMTM is orders of magnitude more sensitive than SPEP, IFE, and other conventional liquid biopsies for Multiple Myeloma. 

  • Non-invasive – Our test requires access to only the blood thereby reducing the number of bone marrow aspirations.

  • Truly personalized – Each assay is uniquely tailored to each patient. Our test is a truly personalized assay fit for the precision medicine era.

Highly Sensitive

By leveraging the power of our proven de novo antibody sequencing platform, our test can achieve high sensitivity at detecting Multiple Myeloma relapse from complete remission (CR) by 6 to 8 months earlier than conventional tests. This method also overcomes non-specificity and false positivity shortcomings associated with other tests.

Non-invasive Procedure

Frequent monitoring will finally be possible with our non-invasive blood-based test. Patients will require a reduced number of bone marrow aspirations to receive insight into their disease state. With only a small amount of blood, we will be able to monitor the disease status as frequently as needed with higher certainty, convenience, and comfort.

Truly Personalized

EasyMTM will monitor the M-protein biomarker unique to each patient providing real-time data throughout a patient’s clinical history. Other tests such as SPEP and IFE simply detect the presence of the abundant aberrant antibody (M-protein). Because EasyMTM tracks the unique sequence, it is not confounded by treatments that use antibody therapeutics.

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