Our industry-leading de novo protein sequencing platform is rooted in the Rapid Novor team’s proteomics research and innovations. Our technology has been successfully applied to thousands of protein sequencing projects to date, with hundreds of satisfied pharma and biotech industry clients worldwide.

The maturation of our technology and establishment of EasyM™ as a highly sensitive test is thanks to the dedication of our scientific team which has decades of experience in MS-based proteomics and machine learning data analysis. With novel protein chemistry methods and innovative machine learning algorithms, Rapid Novor continues to pioneer the protein sequencing field. Once certified, EasyM™ will be Rapid Novor’s first clinical application of our established protein sequencing technology that uniquely targets and sensitively monitors the M-protein of Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients for better prognosis. As Canada’s largest privately-owned mass spectrometry proteomics facility, we are capable of processing clinical samples from MM patients in high throughput. Our team of scientists is committed to championing better testing for MM for patients.

Meet Our Team

Senior Management

Mingjie Xie
Mingjie XieChief Executive Officer
Dr. Bin Ma
Dr. Bin MaPresident & Chief Scientist
Qixin Liu
Qixin LiuChief Technology Officer
Dr. Liqiang Yang
Dr. Liqiang YangChief Strategy Officer

Scientific Team

Paul Taylor
Paul TaylorDirector of Laboratory
Dr. Zac McDonald
Dr. Zac McDonaldSr. Scientist & Manager
Dr. Mariya Liyasova
Dr. Mariya LiyasovaScientist
Xin (Cindy) Xu
Xin (Cindy) XuSr. Laboratory Technician
Isha Brown
Isha BrownLaboratory Technician

Software Development Team

Chenyu Yao
Chenyu YaoSoftware Developer
Jianqiao Shen
Jianqiao ShenSoftware Developer

“New generation of Multiple Myeloma treatments requires a new generation of tests to effectively monitor disease state.”


Making Myeloma Matter

Our team has partnered with Myeloma Canada and are actively involved in fundraising for, and collaborating with the Myeloma community.