Establish treatment options sooner with EasyM

Our test has been extensively validated and is pending certification. We welcome caregivers, clinical labs, and pharmaceutical industries to partner or collaborate with us to expedite the development of our assay so we can meet the need of a highly sensitive and non-invasive assessment of disease for MM patients.

In Multiple Myeloma (MM), abnormal plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow, and may also produce abnormal antibodies called M-proteins. While oncogenic plasma cells reside in the bone marrow, and few circulate in the blood; in contrast, the M-protein is often abundantly secreted into the blood. Our EasyM test precisely and sensitively captures the unique protein sequences from patient-specific M-proteins to reliably and routinely monitor MM patients from diagnosis through treatment and remission.

The technology behind EasyM is rooted in our company, Rapid Novor’s, established de novo protein sequencing platform, and decades of proteomics expertise. Home to Canada’s largest privately-owned MS proteomics facility, the Rapid Novor team has successfully integrated our machine learning algorithms and industry-leading equipment to routinely sequence complex samples in high throughput. As such, our established proprietary de novo protein sequencing and MS-based targeted approaches give EasyM our competitive advantage. 

Other currently available options for MM diagnosis

Options include serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP), immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE), multicolor flow cytometry (MFC), and next-generation sequencing (NGS). However, these solutions are often not sensitive enough to determine minimal residual disease (MRD), can be confounded by the use of mAb therapeutics, or require bone marrow biopsies, subject to tissue biopsy limitations, such as sample bias, and invasiveness. 

In contrast, EasyM™ is

  • A highly sensitive test capable of detecting relapse 6 to 8 months earlier than conventional SPEP and IFE

  • Unaffected by antibody therapeutics used in treatment

  • Non-invasive allowing serial, frequent and standardized patient sampling

EasyM™ provides earlier detection through frequent and convenient monitoring, requiring access to only the blood itself thereby reducing the number of bone marrow aspirations.

Detect relapse earlier and ensure better clinical outcomes by establishing treatment options sooner.

Our Approach

EasyM™ exploits both MS-based protein sequencing and quantification technologies enhanced by machine learning algorithms, to track the M-protein and provide truly personalized monitoring.

Our Team

Home to Canada’s largest privately-owned MS proteomics facility, our team has over two decades of experience in MS-based proteomics and Big Data-driven machine learning data analysis.