A New Monitoring Platform Fit for the Precision Medicine Era

Conventional Tests

As one of the characteristics for most Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients is an elevated level of M-protein in the blood, measurement of the M-protein in blood has been conventionally used for diagnosis and monitoring of MM, such as serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP) and immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE). However, SPEP and IFE suffer from low sensitivity and are not capable of detecting deep response to therapy such as minimal residual disease (MRD). Other methodologies like multicolour flow cytometry (MFC) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) rely on invasive bone marrow aspiration, which is painful and cannot be conducted frequently. Bone marrow aspirations also introduce risks of false negative results due to tumour heterogeneity and extramedullary MM outgrowth. MFC, SPEP, and IFE may also be confounded by treatment with antibody therapeutics.

Our Solution

We have developed a highly sensitive, targeted assay fit for the precision medicine era. Our personalized M-protein monitoring assay, EasyM, is rooted in our already established platform for sequencing and quantification of patient-specific M-protein, employing our proprietary LC-MS/MS and Big Data-driven quantification processes. As a blood-based test, EasyM will also allow clinicians to collect samples frequently and conveniently. Clinicians could use our M-protein monitoring assay to track a patient’s M-protein throughout a patient’s clinical history – from diagnosis, through therapy and remission.

The high sensitivity of the EasyM test has been validated in our retrospective clinical studies, where we detected MM relapse 6 to 8 months earlier than conventional tests. By collaborating with more hospitals on more clinical trials in the US and Canada, EasyMaims to be at the forefront of non-invasive testing sensitivity as treatment options continue to improve.

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EasyM™ is currently in the research stage. EasyM™ is not approved for clinical usage. Patients, clinicians, partners, and collaborators interested in sequencing M-proteins can request our research-use only test as a service. Please Contact us for more information.

Our Approach

EasyM™ exploits both MS-based protein sequencing and quantification technologies enhanced by machine learning algorithms, to track the M-protein and provide truly personalized monitoring.

Our Team

Home to Canada’s largest privately-owned MS proteomics facility, our team has over two decades of experience in MS-based proteomics and Big Data-driven machine learning data analysis.